Saturday, June 16, 2012

Classic Balance Bike buy

Classic Balance Bike

FEATURED Classic Balance Bike

  • Wooden balance bike with five-position adjustable seat height to grow with child
  • Rubberized handle bar grips for comfort; limited steering radius to prevent jackknifing
  • Pneumatic rubber tires and spoke-less wheel discs for safety
  • Unique carry handle incorporated in the bike's body
  • Renewable birch wood construction and non-toxic building materials; recommended for ages two years old and up

Classic Balance BikeDesigned for children from two years old and up, Smart Gear Balance Bikes allow children to learn the balance and motor skills necessary for biking, safely and naturally, without relying on training wheels. The two-wheel, pedal-free bike allows kids to run the bike along and eventually learn to coast with their feet up. This natural and kid-oriented approach to biking helps kids develop the confidence to balance the bike while moving and liberates them from the crutch of training wheels--so that they can bike earlier. Coming in renewable birch wood, the Classic Smart Balance Bike features comfortable rubber grips, a cushioned leatherette seat, and a limited steering radius to prevent jackknifing. The pneumatic wheels pro

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