Monday, July 8, 2013

Wilson F1100 Official NFL Game Football buy

Wilson F1100 Official NFL Game Football

FEATURED Wilson F1100 Official NFL Game Football

  • Official size and weight
  • Official game ball of the National Football League
  • Deep pebbles and firm texture and enhanced gripability
  • Features NFL Commissioner's Roger Goodell signature stamp
  • Leather cover, 3-ply VPU bladder, and double lacing for reinforcement
  • Dedicated to football legend Wellington "Duke" Mara
  • Deep pebbles, firm texture, and enhanced gripability
  • Features NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's signature stamp
  • Leather cover and 3-ply VPU bladder; double lacing
  • Official size and weight NFL game ball

Grab onto a piece of history with Wilson's official NFL game ball--The Duke--which is dedicated to football legend Wellington "Duke" Mara. More than just a piece of memorabilia, The Duke is designed with the serious competitor in mind, with genuine hand-sewn, Tanned in Tack leather for superior playability and grip, and 3-ply VPU bladder for maximum durability and air retention. Other features include double lacing, the official NFL seal in gold, and Commissioner Roger Goodell signature stamp. The return of The Duke. Wellington "The Duke" Mara passed away in October, 2005 at the age of 89 after dedicating 81 years to the New York Giants as an administrator, owner, and unwavering booster. In 1940, heeding the advice of influential team owner

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